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Whether you are just getting started with hadoop development or learning how to apply hadoop practices to an entire enterprise, VRM Solutions offers comprehensive training and consulting services for creating best hadoop development.


A Proven Approach

VRM Solutions has a proven approach to ensure your hadoop training & consulting is a success. With available online classes & VMs to practice hadoop sessions, the environment is always available for you. You can practice your classes anytime by using hadoop’s VM.

HADOOP Developer Training details


1. The Motivation For Hadoop  2 Hours
2.  Hadoop: Basic Concepts 4 Hours
3. Writing a MapReduce Program 4 Hours
4. Unit Testing MapReduce Programs 2 Hours
5. Delving Deeper into the Hadoop   API 6 Hours
6. Practical Development Tips and   Techniques 4 Hours
7. Data Input and Output 4 Hours
8. Common MapReduce Algorithms 6 Hours
9. Joining Data Sets in   MapReduce Jobs 4 Hours
10. An Introduction to Hive   and Pig 4 Hours


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